WHO: Too soon to be treating COVID like flu


WHO: Too destined to deal with COVID like influenza

The Omicron variation of COVID-19 is on target to contaminate the greater part of Europeans, yet it ought not as yet be viewed as an influenza like endemic sickness, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday.

Fifty out of 53 nations in Europe and focal Asia have logged instances of the more irresistible variation.

Proof, nonetheless, is arising that Omicron is influencing the upper respiratory parcel more than the lungs, causing milder side effects than past variations. In any case, the WHO has forewarned more investigations are as yet expected to demonstrate this.

On Monday, Spain's Prime Minister changed the manner in which wellbeing authorities track COVID-19's development to rather utilize a strategy like influenza on the grounds that its lethality has fallen.

That would suggest regarding the infection as an endemic sickness, rather than a pandemic, without recording each case and without testing all individuals introducing side effects. However, that is a way off, WHO's senior crisis official for Europe, Catherine Smallwood, said at the preparation, adding that endemicity requires a steady and unsurprising transmission.

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