Elon Musk says the main Tesla Cybertruck will be a four-engine variation

 Expect 'autonomous, ultra quick reaction force control of each wheel,' as indicated by the CEO.

At the point when Tesla at last gets moving the Cybertruck going the creation line in 2022, the electric vehicle will make a big appearance with a four-engine variation. President Elon Musk composed on Twitter that model will offer "free, ultra quick reaction force control of each wheel." Some different EVs have an engine on each wheel, including Rivian's R1T.

 Musk likewise repeated that the Cybertruck will have front and back tire steer. He recently noticed the EV would offer back tire controlling, which will empower it to drive slantingly, "similar to a crab." Notably, the Hummer EV has a crab mode. Nissan's e-4orce all-wheel control framework — which is in the Ariya electric hybrid, impending cutting edge Leaf and a lunar lander model — has front and back engines as well.

Tesla eliminated all Cybertruck specs and evaluating from its site in October. Would-be proprietors can plunk down a refundable store of $100 and design their request near when Tesla begins creation, which is booked to occur one year from now. In any case, it appears you'll probably need to stand by longer assuming you need a two-engine form.


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