U.S. warship cruises near Chinese region


China on Friday said it has ousted a US guided rocket destroyer from the South China Sea, a day after a similar warship went through the Taiwan Strait. The US Navy has said it was completing a legal, "opportunity of route activity". 

A U.S. warship cruised close to the Chinese-controlled Paracel Islands in the contested South China Sea on Friday in an opportunity of route activity, the U.S. Naval force said, the main such mission under President Joe Biden's new organization. 

China's military censured the move, saying it had dispatched maritime and air units to follow and caution away the boat. The bustling stream is one of various glimmer focuses in the U.S.- China relationship, which incorporate an exchange war, U.S. sanctions, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

A week ago, Beijing gave a harsh admonition to the U.S. organization and Taiwan that the quest for autonomy for oneself governed island "signifies war"

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