The Roots' Black Thought Talks Anxiety, 'Floods of Thought, Vol. 3'


You may be generally acquainted with Tariq Trotter — otherwise called Black Thought – as the lead MC and fellow benefactor of The Roots, the Philadelphia hip-bounce bunch he and drummer Questlove shaped in the last part of the '80s. And keeping in mind that he's never been an excessively conspicuous frontman, his free-form rap abilities are the stuff of legend. On his most recent independent collection, Streams of Thought, Vol. 3: Cane and Abel, Black Thought weaves thick, complex rhymes that range from the individual to the political. 

In this meeting, he goes along with me to discuss that new collection and about the excursion he's gone on with The Roots. He likewise gets into something that may astonish you, thinking about the power and valor of his quality: his battles with uneasiness.


  • Black Thought, "We Could Be Good (United)" S
  • Black Thought, "Good Morning"
  • Spoonie Gee, "Love Rap"
  • The Roots, "The Roots Is Comin"
  • Black Thought, "Fuel"
  • Black Thought, "Thought Vs Everybody"
  • Black Thought, "American Heartbreak"

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