Jammu and Kashmir to restart online enlistment for movement unit holders


Jammu and Kashmir to restart online enlistment for movement unit holders 

Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department has now restarted its online enrollment framework for the travel industry. As indicated by reports, Sarmad Hafiz, the Tourism, Culture, Youth Services, and Sports Secretary, at long last restarted the online assistance in the wake of tapping on the catch, and giving the enlistment to two the travel industry unit holders. Jammu and Kashmir is probably the best objective to visit in the country, which is frequently alluded to as Heaven on Earth. 

The online enlistment gateway is an easy to understand, dynamic site, and the expectation is that it will smoothen the cycle of enrollment generally. However, what is actually, and how could it be identified with the travel industry? 

The online enlistment is essentially for a travel industry unit holder, who can apply with the Department of Tourism in J&K for the enrollment of their unit. The enlistment is done under the J&K Tourist Trade Act, 1978/2011. You should simply sign into the site, and present the records that are needed according to the distributed agenda. 

Endless supply of your enrollment, your reports will be checked by the specialists. An investigation will follow, after which you will at long last be given the enrollment testament. 

The enrollment cycle is done to protect the interests of the sightseers who are visiting the state. The enrollment wing of the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department is answerable for authorizing the arrangements of this demonstration. The enrollment cycle is accomplished for movement units, for example, Travel Agencies, Dealers, and Hotels.

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