Examination in progress into crash that murdered a previous YSU football player

 The 19-year-old suspect is relied upon to deal with criminal indictments. 

A YSU previous football player, who passed on after a teenager escaping police pummeled into his vehicle, is being recognized as a pioneer, and a cheery man who empowered others. 

Saturday night instantly before 12 PM the once Penguin wide recipient lost his life and was articulated dead at the location of an accident. 

The occasions that prompted his death toll are under scrutiny. The 19-year-old suspect is relied upon to deal with criminal indictments. 

Youngstown police started a pursuit in the wake of seeing a driver blow through a red light. 

The pursuit finished as the escaping driver hammered his SUV into a vehicle driven by Shackleford which was in the crossing point of Albert Road and McGuffey Street. 

Youngstown Firemen utilized the jaws of life to remove Darius Shackleford. In any case, the 24-year-old kicked the bucket at the scene. 

His family, companions, and Penguin and YSU family in stun over the previous wide recipient's passing. 

Trevor Parks, Overseer of Games Correspondence for YSU said, "When Things happen you're attempting to process what's happening, how and for what reason did this happen to someone so youthful and someone who had a particularly future in front of them." 

Shackleford a YSU Penguin from 2015 to 2020 was an individual from the group when YSU arrived at the Public Title. In 2016 he played on exceptional groups. In 2018 he had a breakout year playing 10 of 11 games. 

"He got 11, a few scores, and indicated his latent capacity. Tragically in fall camp I think it was the finish of July preceding the 2019 season he tore his upper leg tendon in his knee and we lost him for the year. We were certainly anticipating him being an immense supporter of our group in 2019. He was experiencing recovery and afterward Coronavirus struck," said Parks. 

A few YSU groups including the volleyball crew, have been posting via web-based media about the effect he made on their lives from his first year to now, both on and off the field. Parks underlined, "Shackleford went to ball games, ball games, volleyball match-ups and upheld different competitors." 

Parks added, "Darius was consistently playful and a pioneer. I've heard a ton of extraordinary elucidating incredible words today, real, mindful, energetic, active, strong, authority. Darius was an incredible delegate of YSU Games and he will genuinely be missed." 

The suspect is relied upon to deal with criminal indictments after Youngstown police talk about accuses of the Mahoning Investigators office. 

The speculate's 17-year-old sibling was a traveler in the SUV that struck the vehicle driven by Darius Shackleford. 

WFMJ news has mentioned the police scanner traffic discussions that occurred as the pursuit started, and finished. 

YPD traffic specialists will decide the speed the 19-year-old driver came to at the hour of the accident. The posted speed limit is 

35 miles an hour at that crossing point.

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