Bungie plans major studio expansion, recommits to a non-Destiny game by 2025


Two years after its split from Activision, Bungie is outfitting to work out the Destiny universe and - all the more significantly — branch out into new some new ones. To assist it with doing, the organization declared a huge number of new extension gauges earlier today, remembering intends to open its first global office for Amsterdam and to dramatically increase the size of its Bellevue, Washington central command so it can "uphold various venture groups, including those outside of the Destiny Universe." 

"The previous quite a while have been a period of gigantic development and opportunity for Bungie," said Bungie CEO Pete Parsons in an articulation. "We are home to the absolute most brilliant and best ability in the business, and we anticipate developing both our ability pool this year and expanding the assets to help them." 

Honestly, Destiny 2 isn't going anyplace — Bungie's assertion affirms it will proceed with the shooter's "drawn out turn of events", which we definitely knew. All things considered, the organization noticed that investigating new stories in the Destiny universe — perhaps including a legitimate spin-off after it delivers the Witch Queen and Lightfall developments in 2021 and 2022 separately — would be a major need going ahead. To help recount those new stories, Bungie tapped Destiny Universe VP Mark Noseworthy and chief innovative chief Luke Smith to lead arrangements for the move. 

With respect to those new IPs, the delicious subtleties are still immovably hush-hush. All things considered, while Bungie offered no trace of what its activities outside Destiny may resemble, it affirmed its arrangements bring "at any rate one new IP" to advertise before 2025. Or on the other hand, should we say "re-affirmed" — the organization secured a brand name for a task called Matter in 2018 and made comparative cases about dispatch plans for a non-Destiny game in 2019.

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