Steph Curry hits 11 triples on approach to 57 focuses versus Mavs

Prior to the Super Bowl, Steph Curry and Luka Doncic featured an exciting fight between the Brilliant State Champions and Dallas Nonconformists on Saturday night. The couple of Top pick monitors didn't frustrate. 

Despite the fact that Doncic got the last giggle, scoring 42 focuses in the Nonconformists' 134-132 triumph, Curry's presentation captured everyone's attention. The double cross Most Significant Player counted a zapping 57 focuses on 19-of-31 shooting from the field. Curry added five helps and two bounce back shortly. 

On his way to a game-high 57 focuses, Curry burst into flames from past the bend, boring 11 triples, including a profound jumper from the Nonconformists' logo.


It didn't take long for Curry to warm up. The six-time Top pick indented 30 focuses in the main half in Dallas. To cover off his furious first half, Curry bored a feature commendable reeling triple

Via @NBCSWarriors on Twitter:

 Adding to his significant distance center, Curry showed a deadly stepback to make space for an open shot in the corner.


Following Curry's exhibition in Dallas, the sharpshooting monitor is averaging 29.4 focuses on 48.1% shooting from the field and 42.5% from past the curve. Through 23 games, Curry has enlisted seven challenges with at least 35 focuses for the Fighters, including a 62 point and 57 point execution. 

Curry will be back on the floor in Texas on Monday for the beginning of a consecutive against the San Antonio Prods


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